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Telephone: +44 (0) 1375 892464


Manchett Group Limited, The Tack Room,
Lorkins Farm, Conways Road,
Orsett, Grays, Essex, RM16 3EL

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    Construction is the dynamic process of transforming architectural and engineering designs into physical structures, encompassing the creation of buildings, infrastructure, and various types of projects. 

    • Fit-out and Refurb
    • Kitchens and Bathrooms
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Adaptions
    • Electrical and Mechanical
    • Repair and Redecoration
    • Social Housing
    • Fabrication
    • Fencing

    The right foundations

    Construction involves a multi-stage sequence of activities that span from project planning and design to actual construction and finalisation. At its core, construction involves the coordination of materials, equipment, labour, and expertise to bring concepts to life while adhering to safety standards, timelines, and budgets.

    The construction process typically begins with project planning and design, where architects, engineers, and other professionals collaborate to create detailed blueprints and specifications. This phase establishes the foundation for the project, outlining structural elements, systems, and aesthetics. Once the design is finalised and the necessary approvals are obtained, the project moves into the construction phase.

    During construction, the site is prepared, foundations are laid, structural elements are erected, utilities are installed, and interior finishes are added. This intricate orchestration of tasks involves the management of construction crews, contractors, and suppliers to ensure that every aspect of the project aligns with the approved plans

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    Quality assured

    Throughout construction, quality control and safety are paramount. Inspections are conducted to verify that work meets regulations and quality standards. Environmental considerations, local regulations, and ethical practices also influence construction approaches. As construction progresses, project managers oversee timelines, budgets, and potential changes while fostering effective communication among all stakeholders.

    The finalisation of construction involves thorough inspections, testing, and the rectification of any issues. Upon successful completion, the result is a tangible manifestation of creativity, engineering, and collaboration—a fully realised structure ready to serve its intended purpose in the built environment.

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