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Manchett Group Limited, The Tack Room,
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    White wall repairs

    White wall damage is a common problem in data centre construction and the subsequent repairs form part of our clients final close out works.

    • White wall repairs
    • Priming
    • Filling
    • Spray
    • Rub-down

    Specialist team

    To support our clients Manchett have a specialist team who are able to promptly and competitively repair any composite wall or ceiling products either by a spray or roller solution.

    White wall repairs involve restoring the pristine appearance of interior walls that have incurred damage, stains, or wear over time. This process encompasses various techniques to address different types of damage, such as cracks, holes, scuffs, and discolouration, while achieving a seamless and uniform white finish.

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    A thorough process

    To initiate white wall repairs, the damaged area is first assessed to determine the appropriate approach. Small holes and cracks are typically patched with a specialised filler or putty, which is then sanded down to create a smooth surface. For larger damaged sections, such as dents or significant cracks, a combination of patching, sanding, and potentially even applying new layers of plaster or drywall might be required to achieve an even surface. Stains and discoloration may demand thorough cleaning or priming before applying fresh white paint to ensure a uniform result throughout the repair process. Attention to detail is essential to achieve a seamless integration of the repaired area with the surrounding wall.

    Once the repair work is completed, the repaired area is primed and painted with a matching shade of white paint. Achieving a consistent colour and texture is crucial to ensuring that the repaired section blends seamlessly with the rest of the wall. White wall repairs not only restore the aesthetics of a space but also contribute to the overall cleanliness and visual appeal, providing a fresh and renewed appearance to the interior environment.

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